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Get ready to take your hockey game to the next level with our private shooting room hire at Northern Edge Sports. This one-hour session is perfect for anyone looking to work on their shooting skills and stickhandling in a distraction-free environment. You can even share the session with up to 4 people. We provide NES instructional coaching cards that offer detailed coaching points to help any player improve their game. Book your session today and start scoring more goals tomorrow

Room only  £10.00 per hour or only £5 if booked with a bundle through our pricing plans...great 50% saving!

Coaching - £25 for 45 mins. Click here to book in with a coach

- MONDAY - FRIDAY 10.00am - 09:00pm

- SATURDAY               9.00-4.00pm

- SUNDAY                   9.30am - 2.00pm

  • Must be 18 and over for use without an adult or coach

  • Goalies welcome (ask us for availability for our specialist Goalie coach)  

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