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Within our fitness Studio, we host Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates. 

Bookings for our classes are available through our bookings system on Gymcatch, searching under Northern Edge Sports.



Pilates is a lot more than a gentle breathing and stretching system for people who can’t do anything more strenuous. Pilates offers the potential of a challenging, dynamic full-body workout that is second to none. 

Pilates is not a “sport”, it is a method of corrective exercise that improves strength, flexibility, muscular control, coordination, alignment, balance and posture. For this reason it makes a great base and cross training activity for all sports. 

Pilates has been used by high level athletes since the very earliest days. 

Many sports need core strength, but do not develop it (swimming, rowing), or they create physical imbalances (tennis, golf, football) or postural problems (gymnastics).


Pilates develops core strength, and the full traditional system that we teach at Pilates Bar is ideal for athletes as it has an almost endless range of physical challenges. 

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