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We are an athletic performance facility that specializes in training hockey players of all ages. Our team consists of experienced strength and conditioning coaches, coaches who have played the game at high level and expert supporting team members (nutritionists, sport chiro, physiotherapists).

Through the use of strength training, on-ice development, performance nutrition, and mentorship, our goal is to help create long-term success in both hockey and life. We believe in developing meaningful relationships with our athletes that goes beyond the game.



No matter what sport you play, we know how to prepare and get you ready to perform!

Athletes are trained in areas of: speed, agility, power, strength, band training, injury prevention, plyometrics, core, and functional training related to the individual sport. We also use nutrition, recovery, and mobility sessions to help optimize the training plan.

Our athletes will be taken care of to meet the demands of their given sport.

To book your Team/Club for use of our Studio please contact us 

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