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What we do


Northern Edge Sports equips educators and empowers young people and adults with the vision of creating a future where everyone enjoys the life-changing benefits of play and sport.

The charity’s objectives are the advancement of amateur sport and physical education, to promote equality and diversity and to promote community participation in healthy recreation by the provision or assistance in the provision of facilities for the playing of inline hockey and other sports capable of improving health. We are have a range of world class coaches who have represented Great Britain in Inline hockey, Ice hockey and Olympic Academy cycling coaches. 

This aim includes the general public but in particular children and young people in the North East of England but not exclusively, without distinction of age, gender, sexual orientation, disability/ability, race, ethnic origin,political, religious or other opinion by associating the statutory authorities,voluntary organisations and the inhabitants in a common effort to improve the conditions of life for the beneficiaries in the interests of social welfare and in particular:

  • To advance physical education and promote amateur sport through the training, teaching, coaching, playing and competition of inline hockey and through such other means at the trustees think fit in accordance with the law of charity

  • To encourage youth participation through the provision of a safe environment for children to learn and participate in inline hockey so as to develop their physical, mental and social capabilities.

  • To relieve poverty by enabling the beneficiaries to participate in inline hockey and other recreational activities through the provision of funds towards equipment and coaching which they would not otherwise be able to afford.

  • To advance the sporting opportunities in inline hockey and cycling through recruitment of new participants from school outreach programmes.  

  • To promote the health of persons who are disabled by encouraging, developing and promoting the sport of indoor cycling in order to improve their conditions of life and to assist in their integration into society alongside performance coaching opportunities for Para-cycling for the visually impaired and other para-cycling athletes.

  • To promote and foster racial and ethnic harmony and diversity through the promotion of activities to foster knowledge and mutual understanding between people from diverse backgrounds through the provision of recreational facilities and events involving the local community.

  • To advance any other exclusively charitable purpose as the trustees, may from time to time, decide in accordance with the law of charity.

What we do

We believe the best thing about sport is the sense of community and shared emotion it can create. 

Our Mission

To increase participation in Roller sports in the North East. We look to promote inline hockey and all roller sports to provide community sessions that allows both children and adults to engage and develop a passion for sport and life. 

Our Mission

Our Vision / Multi sports

To establish the North East as a region of excellence in roller sports. To create inline hockey teams for both children and adults and bring together all existing players and community hockey groups under one roof. To establish the UK's first roller sports venue that caters for family skating, community hockey leagues and a performance hub of training for hockey, utilising our performance coaches and cross benefits from indoor cycling fitness and Pilates. 

Our Vision
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