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Private Rink Hire

£60 per hour. To be transferred directly into NES account 24 hours prior to booking. If the rink hire is cancelled within 24 hours there is no refund.

Contact for N.E.S account details. 

**The rink is for use for any private group hockey skills practice, scrimmage or Registered club training with their own club and player insurance.

Private hire is NOT for use for any external coaching to take place or Roller Parties. Any coaching requirements outside of registered clubs is only allowed through Northern Edge registered coaches. Please contact us for coach availability.

Pricing with Coach.

1 hour private hire on rink with NES coach £90. Coaching can be for 1:1 or group of up to 20 players. (Contact for information if more players)

1 hour of shooting room with NES coach £25. Coaching can be for 1:1 or maximum 4 players.

Click here to book shooting room

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